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How Do You Measure Love

What if your dreams are so big that even your family doesn't believe in them? What if you were betrayed by those closest to you, yet you still held onto love and forgiveness? This episode, featuring wise insights from Pastor TD Jakes, delves into the biblical figure of Joseph. His life, marked by dreams, trials, and an unyielding faith, reveals the profound idea that nobody can extinguish your dreams, even when they are met with disbelief. We navigate through the complexities of Joseph's family dynamics, his dream interpretations, and the significant role of divine intervention in his life. More than just a biblical tale, Joseph's journey is a testament to the power and resilience of love amidst adversity.How would you react if you were faced with betrayal from those you hold dear? Armed with resilience and faith, Joseph's life provides us with a blueprint. He faced trials and tribulations, but he proved that with unwavering faith in God's plan, we too can overcome life's greatest challenges. Joseph's story isn't just about holding onto your dreams; it's about the power of forgiveness, the strength of character, and the indomitable force of love that courses through us all. Join us as we learn from Joseph's journey, and discover how his experiences mirror our own – reinforcing the notion that the Bible is more than a book; it's a reflection of our lives. Let's journey together and learn to find our 'better angels' within. ##faith #forgiveness #dreams #podcast

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